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Modern Slavery Statement


This policy ensures that S&W Wholesale Ltd complies with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and sets  out the responsibilities for employers and employees.  

This statement relates to activities and actions undertaken in the year January 2022 to 2023 

S&W Wholesale Ltd is committed to ensuring that all its business operations including our supply chain are free  from involvement with slavery or human trafficking.  

About our business  

S&W Wholesale Ltd operates Symbol franchises throughout N. Ireland and Ireland and have been distributing  food and grocery related products to the convenience retail sector for over 100 years.  

S&W Wholesale Ltd employ over 265 employees and has a turnover in excess of £125 million.  

Supply Chains 

Our supply chains include the sourcing of materials principally related to the provision of food and soft drinks. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policies  

In our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy we confirm that: 

  • We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. • We are committed to constantly reviewing and improving our working practices to ensure that Modern Slavery is not taking place in our business or our supply chain. 
  • We promise to treat with the up-most seriousness an allegation of Modern Slavery in our business and/or supply chain. 
  • We do not tolerate Modern Slavery in any form within our business and/or supply chains. 
  • We also operate a Whistle-blowing Policy with our employees, encouraging them to report any wrongdoing, whether that be direct activities or through your company’s supply chains. The scope of the policy extends to human rights violations. 

Due Diligence Practices 

  1. S&W Wholesale Ltd undertake due diligence when considering new suppliers and reviewing current suppliers, in relation to modern slavery and ethical standards. 
  2. Training about slavery and human trafficking is part of employees’ inductions. 

In addition to producing the annual statement, S&W Wholesale Ltd is committed to: 

  • ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is considered and addressed in our approach to corporate social responsibility 
  • ensuring that any concerns about slavery or human trafficking can be raised through our internal procedures • carrying out regular audits to ensure that all our employees are paid at least the National Minimum and Living Wage and have the right to work in the UK 
  • identifying and addressing any areas of high risk in our supply chain 
  • providing training for all employees who are involved in the supply chain on issues relating to slavery and human trafficking. 

All directors and executive team members have been briefed on this statement and its implications. On behalf of the Board of S&W Wholesale Limited